We spent more than a week testing the features and accuracy of a number of calculators and interviewed some experts to find out the best scientific calculators in India. From all the analyzation and tests we find out the Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator   is the best scientific calculator with both the educational and professional settings and picked theCasio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator as our runner up which also supports the using in statistics, probability, fraction, logarithm, trigonometry and more.

To get a clear knowledge of our selection process, navigate our “Buying guide of  The Best Scientific calculators” section at the end of this article.

Best Scientific Calculators In India

Our Top Choice

PreviewProductRatingTexas Instruments BA II Plus Financial CalculatorCheck PriceCasio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 552 Functions with Menu Driven…Check PriceCasio FX-991ES Plus Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 417 FunctionsCheck PriceCasio FX-100MS Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator, 300 FunctionsCheck Price

1. Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator – Editor’s Choice

SALE   Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator

  • Performs common math as well as various financial functions
  • Worksheet mode includes tables for amortization, bond, depreciation, and compound interest
  • Built-in memory for storage of previous worksheets

  Check Price

The Texas Instruments BA II Plus Financial Calculator is top listed as the editor’s choice because of its operating ability as a standard calculator and in worksheet mode as well. It is one of the best scientific calculators for engineering students. It is also the best one for the financial professionals though it can perform common math as well as various financial functions.   Things We Like

  • The keys are very soft pressed and easy to operate.
  • Best for exams due to faster calculations.
  • Best for CFA students and who are in financial studies also.
  • It is sturdy and lightweight.
  • It has a built-in memory for previous worksheets.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Didn’t find anything.

Bottom Line

This is the best scientific calculator for engineering to finance students and for the average users as well.

2. Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-programmable Scientific Calculator – Runner up

SALE   Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator

  • High resolution display to view more data like spreadsheets and 4×4 matrix calculations
  • Natural text book display – symbols and numbers appear just as they do in textbook
  • Numeric integration/differentiation

  Check Price

Casio is a well known brand for setting new trends in technology. Our experts selected the Casio FX-991EX Classwiz Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator as our runner-up choice in the list of best scientific calculators because of its multi purposes and various features which make it easy to use. It contains calculation functions which supports advanced mathematical operations, spreadsheet calculations 4 x 4 calculations, quartic equations, and the calculation of simutaneous equations. Things We Like

  • Great functionality and cost effective.
  • Previous calculations display in the lists.
  • Textbook like display.

Things We Don’t Like

  • The display LCD is little dark.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best scientific calculator for advanced mathematics.

3. Casio FX-991ES Plus Scientific Non-Programmable Calculator – Budget Pick

We selected the Casio FX991ES Plus Scientific Calculator as one of the best scientific calculator because of its ability both in the finance and accounting field. After testing couple of models we found that this is the best scientific calculator for statistics. It has featured with all the standard functions of statistics from fraction calculation to table function. You can do regression analysis and standard deviation to list-based STAT dayta editing. Things We Like

  • It is sturdy and light.
  • Battery life is too long.
  • Dual powered that you can function it with solar power.
  • It has 417 functions.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Didn’t find anything.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best scientific calculator for students.

4. Texas Instruments TI-36 X Pro Scientific Calculator – Best For Students

No products found.

While testing, we found out the “Texas Instruments TI-36 Pro Scientific Calculator” is the best scientific calculator from high school to college students. This is one of the best product from Texas Instruments under INR 1000. It can solve all the calculation problems regarding science, mathematics, and engineering. The calculator runs with solar cell powered battery with an auto-off feature which lengthens the battery life. This is a multi-use calculator with ability to calculate complicated calculations. Things We Like

  • It can be used in both professional and educational fields.
  • It is lightweight but sturdy and pocket-fitting.
  • This has a multiview display to ease your task.
  • Soft keys with swift performance.

Things We Don’t Like

  • Didn’t find anything.

Bottom Line

This is one of the best scientific calculator for students to solve the equations in chemistry.

5. Casio FX-100MS Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator – Best For Mathematics

SALE   Casio FX-100MS Scientific Calculator with 300 Functions

  • Non-Programmable Scientific Calculator with 300 Functions with 2-line Display
  • S-V.P.A.M. (Super Visually Perfect Algebraic Method): All the features of the existing V.P.A.M. series plus a new 2-line…
  • Multi-replay: Quick and easy recall of previously executed formulas for editing and re-execution

  Check Price

We selected the Casio FX-100MS Scientific Calculator with 300 Functions in the list of our best scientific calculators in India because of its super visually algebraic method which helps the students to solve all the mathematical problems easily. Things We Like

  • It is good for the school students.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It has plastic colour-coded keys for easy operation.
  • It has a large display

Things We Don’t Like

  • This is not recommended for higher education or professional use.

Bottom Line

This scientific calculator has a lower number of functions which may not be ideal for solving some complicated calculations. [su_divider top=”no”

Buying Guide Of The Best Scientific Calculator

The need for scientific calculators is rising day by day with the growing number of students and professionals in the sectors of information technology and engineering. For engineering students, the best scientific calculators are the electronic calculators, which are usually used to solve complex problems of science and mathematics and hand-held as well. The students are relating to the usage and the need for scientific calculators in their daily life.

It is quite difficult to choose the best one for you from the wide range of calculators and brands available in the market. To keep this problem in mind, we are presenting a detailed buying guide of scientific calculators for your convenience.

While purchasing a scientific calculator you need to ask yourself certain questions which will help you during selection. Let’s dive to the depth.

1. Why You Need This Calculator?

The main consideration for you must be for what do you need this calculator. If you are a student in a calculus or pre-calculus class, you may need graphing function and ability to handle integrals. If you are a professional, you need to handle complex computations and storing equations. Right?

For students, it is best to ask your teacher or professor the need of a calculator before buying it. They will recommend you the perfect one as per your need or exactly what you expect from that scientific calculator.

In some situations, for students, certain calculators may not be recommended or disallowed depending on exactly what is being covered. As, if the student is likely stopping with algebra or geometry for their math classes, a more simple scientific calculator would serve them well for years. Same with the professionals also for testing.

Another consideration is that the student’s consideration must be the highest level of math they expect to take whereas the professionals should factor in the depth of mathematical computation they need to perform. Generally, the professionals don’t need graphing but there are cases where that may be necessary. Therefore, in both cases, you need to know the level of scientific calculator which can make a difference in your satisfaction with your purchase.

2. What Is Your Budget?

This is an obvious factor to consider your budget before buying anything. A calculator is also not different. It is important to know how the market for the calculator with all the features you need is priced to consider your purchase accordingly. It will help you to find out a good value of a calculator as per your budget if you are looking for saving a little more money. If we will take the example of the 1st model is a great buy since it stacks up very well in comparison to other calculators.

With the budget, another thing to consider is the durability of the calculator you are buying. If the calculator is for teenagers breakage is a common thing unless the device is built to last. Another thing is you can take a calculator doesn’t have the padding or protective case. In this case, you can save some money. But it is likely that you have to buy another calculator when that one breaks from rough usage. Therefore, you must keep in mind that a cheaper or unfamiliar brand may skimp on factors like functionality, reliability, and durability.

3. Is This Calculator Fulfilling All Your Needs?

It is very important to buy a scientific calculator that can fulfil all your needs. Otherwise, to save a few money could be meaningless when you find out that your calculator is unable to handle some useful factors when you are in your class or working place. Be careful about the features like memory size, display quality, and available functions when you are going to purchase a scientific calculator.

There are some other functions you must look at if it handles metric conversions, calculus, statistics, and whether it contains constants or not. These features are important and must be convenient for you to function. The input style and display capability are also important especially if you know you need a certain format or number of significant digits.

4. Is This Calculator Easy For You To Use?

Generally, each scientific calculator conserves keys and space on their calculator by putting multiple functions on each key and employing an alt key to access those functions. Therefore, to keep the factors in mind and tying into a need with functionality, you need a calculator to execute a certain task or constant which is simple to use.

You can find many calculators designed for use by a specific group. In these, the keys are laying out in a way which is most convenient to use for them. Let it be cleared. The students in math class need different functions than ones in physics. On the other hand, the engineers and the technicians need to do different calculations as well. In such cases, a scientific calculator helps you to do the computations quickly.

Therefore, it is recommended to pick a calculator in which you will not hunt or perform complex keystrokes for a common function which can reduce your satisfaction with your purchase.

Final Talk

It is a daunting task to choose the best scientific calculator which can meet all your needs. It is also essential for the students and professionals to understand their requirements while selecting the best one for them. We have tried to give you all the related information about a scientific calculator after researching each item thoroughly. We are sure that the above reviews and guides will help you to opt for the best scientific calculator for you.

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