In the past people used to cook using firewood but soon to be replaced by gas stoves and ultimately by induction cooktops. The Induction cooktops are rapidly swallowing the traditional gas stoves in India.

There may be few reasons for this induction cooktop rise:

  • Induction cooktops are portable which makes them easier to carry anywhere.
  • They are safer in terms fire hazards than stoves
  • Economical in terms of energy consumption
  • Shortage of LPG which makes the induction cooktop technology the future of cooking.

The induction cooktops come in various brands, which again are available in various sizes. Hence we have made this guide to help you purchase the best induction cooktop to meet your daily cooking tasks.

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  • 1 Best induction cooktops in India 2018
    • 1.1 1. Philips HD 4928/01 induction cooktop
    • 1.2 2. Pigeon favourite IC 1800-watt induction cooktop.
    • 1.3 3. Vgaurd VIC 07 induction cooktop
    • 1.4 4. Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop
    • 1.5 5. Havells insta cook PT 1600-watt induction cooktop
    • 1.6 6.Eveready IC101 induction cooktop
    • 1.7 7. Prestige PIC 20 induction cooktop
    • 1.8 8.Philips HD4938/01 induction cooktop
    • 1.9 9. Prestige PIC 15+ 1900-watt induction cooktop
    • 1.10 10. Bajaj majesty ICX 7 1900-watt induction cooktop
    • 1.11 11. Billion fullglass 2200 watt induction cooktop (XC 125)
  • 2 How does an induction cooktop work?
  • 3 How to choose the best induction cooktop
  • 4 Benefits of induction cooktop
  • 5 Common questions asked about induction cooktops
  • 6 Final word

Best induction cooktops in India 2018

We have listed only the top of the line portable best induction cooktops available in India. So that you purchase the right and perfectly working cooktop.

Best Induction Cooktops in India 2019

1. Philips HD 4928/01 induction cooktop

The Philips HD 4928/01 is the best induction cooktop in India. It stands out among all the induction cooktops and is also the top selling induction cooktop. 1 year of warranty is provided for this cooktop. This induction cooktop consumes a power of 2100 watts. It looks amazing in design aspects and looks strong. The induction cooktop is designed to withstand the weight of the cooking utensils.

The body is made of micro crystal plate and is started by using push button. Philips HD 4928/01 has 6 preset cooking menus which will make the task of cooking easier. The timer is used to set upto 3 hrs of cooking time at once.The temperature ranges from 100 to 240 degree celsius, which is the right temperature needed for cooking. The timer is linked to auto cutoff, thus preventing food from overcooking and also enabling safety. Phillips HD 4928/01 is surely the best induction cooktop at anytime for your home needs.


  • Temperature range of 100-240 degree Celsius
  • 1 year warranty
  • Auto cutoff
  • Power consumption of 2100 watts


  • Good design
  • Light in weight
  • Preset menus
  • Better warranty delivered


  • Bit pricey

Conclusion: Philips HD 4928/01 can be the induction cooktop to look for majority of people. It is made of top quality materials and priced perfectly. It has lots of great opinions from customers due to its neat performance. Check Price on Amazon

2. Pigeon favourite IC 1800-watt induction cooktop.

Pigeon favourite IC is a 1800-watt induction cooktop from one of the top electronic brands pigeon. If you are looking for a budget cooktop that won’t burn your pocket then this cooktop is the best induction cooktop for your cooking needs. This cooktop will help you save money in terms of low power consumption and low cost in procuring it. Pigeon IC favourite looks amazing and solidly built to withstand forces.

It comes with 7 preset menus and provides you with higher heating efficiency by using a bigger heating coil. There is a 1.3 meter cord that lets you easily plug it anywhere with shock proof characteristics. The led display will help you set the timer and other functions. Crystal plate is used as the top surface and is embedded with crystal like fragments. The warranty for this cooktop is for a duration of 1 year.


  • Power consumption of 1800-watts
  • Light in weight
  • Cheap
  • 100 to 200 degree celsius temperature


  • Great design
  • Cheaper in cost
  • Preset menus
  • Dual heat sensor


  • Build quality is low

Conclusion: Pigeon IC 1800-watt is the one for you if you are looking for decent performance with the mix of budgetary reduction. It has good opinions from customers and is the highest selling induction cooktop in the market. Check Price on Amazon

3. Vgaurd VIC 07 induction cooktop

Vgaurd VIC 07 can be the best induction cooktop if you are looking for a low budget, low power consuming cooktop. The worktop or the top surface is made up of glass material which is of very quality. Push control buttons are present to operate the induction cooktop. Black colour and good design make it great.

It has 8 different power levels, in terms of safety it had auto-cutoff feature. The timer is made to last 3 hours each cycle of cooking. Essential preset menus and fast heating option is present. Vgaurd VIC 07 comes with a warranty of 1 year.


  • Light in weight
  • 1600 watt low power consumption
  • Fast heating
  • 3 hour timer
  • Warranty of 1 year


  • Low cost
  • Low power consumption
  • Preset menus
  • 8 power levels
  • Spill proof


  • Adjusting the timer can be challenging task

Conclusion: Vgaurd VIC 07 induction cooktop is another low cost option, if you looking for a induction cooktop with multiple functions. It has wonderful reviews and opinions from the customers who have purchased. Check Price on Amazon

4. Usha IC 3616 Induction Cooktop

If you are looking for a popular Indian brand which specialises in electronics then Usha cannot be left out. Usha IC 3316 is a top best induction cooktop with power consumption of only 1600-watts. This will significantly reduce your electric bills in the long run. It looks very attractive and eye catching with good shiny exterior.

This induction cooktop is made of copper wire for better heating and power saving. It has push control buttons to make you easily access various features. Temperature control is provided for easy handling of heat. The warranty for the product is for 1 year and service centres are located all across India.


  • 1600-watt power consumption
  • 1 year warranty
  • Power savings


  • Low cost
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Voltage fluctuation resistant


  • Preset menus are less

Conclusion: Vgaurd VIC 07 induction cooktop is another low cost option, if you looking for a induction cooktop with multiple functions. It has wonderful reviews and opinions from the customers who have purchased. Check Price on Amazon

5. Havells insta cook PT 1600-watt induction cooktop

If you are looking for a good brand of induction cooktop then havells insta cook PT 1600 should be your top choice. The power consumption of 1600-watt will ensure that your electric bills won’t sky rocket. It has quite a large led display to show you all the different functions it carries. Power control is variable so that you can vary the heat with ease.

Auto pan detection feature will help automatically detect the pan as soon as you place it on the cooktop. Also the auto power shutoff will cut down power to the cooktop as soon as the job is finished. It also cuts off power when the pan is removed form the cooktop. Timer can be set upto 3 hours so that you can be free to undertake any other chores.


  • 1600-watt power consumption
  • 3 hour timer
  • Automatic cutoff


  • Wonderful quality
  • Power efficient
  • Digital display
  • Automatic switch off at high temperature


  • Price is high

Conclusion: Havells insta cook PT 1600-watt induction cooktop has all the features that you want in a induction cooktop. This cooktop long with its looks is a must buy product. Check Price on Amazon

6.Eveready IC101 induction cooktop

Eveready IC101 is the best induction cooktop if you are looking for safety and ton of functions. The power consumption is of 1600-watts thus make it efficient on par with other cooktops. It has push back controls to help you navigate the functions. This induction cooktop comes in black design making appear stunning.

The worktop material is made of high quality glass which can withstand weight of the pan. Power controls are present for each temperature range from 60 degree celsius to 240 degree celsius. It has about 8 preset cooking menus to make the task of cooking much more easier. A warranty of 2 years is provided for this induction cooktop.


  • Faster heating
  • 1600-watt power consumption
  • Light in weight


  • Good quality crystalline plate
  • Glass plate is tough
  • Digital display
  • Feather touch
  • Low power consumption


  • Preset menus are only 5

Conclusion: This product has great reviews and ratings from customers because of its emphasis on quality. The quality of the surface is absolutely incredible. Check Price on Amazon

7. Prestige PIC 20 induction cooktop

Now if you are looking to buy the cheapest and lowest power consuming induction cooktop then prestige PIC 20 induction cooktop should your priority. Thus product looks very appealing in design aspects, along with a sturdy build. It has digital display to indicate various features and other functions.

There are about 9 preset basic menus to help you with your daily cooking tasks. The main advantage offered in this cooktop is low power consumption which will surely keep your electric bills low. Prestige provides service warranty of 1 year for this product. Hence this is one of the best induction cooktop in budget aspects.


  • 1200-power consumption
  • 1 year on product warranty


  • Lowest power consumption
  • Cheapest cost
  • Automatic voltage regualtor


  • Quality is low

Conclusion: Prestige PIC 1200 watt induction cooktop is a must buy it you are looking for low budget induction cooktop. This has most of the features you expect in an induction cooktop. Check Price on Amazon

8.Philips HD4938/01 induction cooktop

Philips HD 4838/01 is top quality premium best induction cooktop. If money not your concern then close your eyes and go for this awesome induction cooktop. It has feather touch buttons for very easy of the induction cooktop. The induction cooktop looks amazing from the design angle with base made in the form of support stand. This makes carry heavier weight than other induction cooktops.

This cooktop is made of ceramic glass panel to withstand highest temperatures. Child lock is incorporated into this cooktop to take safety a notch higher. This cooktop comes with 10 preset menus giving you the power to cook faster. The power consumption is of 2100 watts which makes it better and it emits temperatures of 60 to 240 degree celsius. Warranty for this product is for a duration of 1 year.


  • 2100-watt powerful induction cooktop
  • 10 preset menus
  • Micro crystal plate
  • Digital display
  • 3 hours timer
  • Child lock


  • Best in terms of quality
  • 24 hour preset menu
  • Amazing display
  • Preset menus
  • Highest features


  • Cost is high
  • High power consumption

Conclusion: Philips 4938/01 is one of the most technologically advanced induction cooktops in the market. This product is overloaded in terms of features and is rated top in quality aspects. It has a ton of great customer approvals and ratings. Check Price on Amazon

9. Prestige PIC 15+ 1900-watt induction cooktop

Prestige PIC 15+ is a 1900-watt induction cooktop which is very efficient and heats up quickly. This cooktop looks incredible in terms of design and can add a stunning look to your kitchen. The feather touch buttons will help navigate different functions easily. It has built in voltage regulator to monitor voltage levels. It provides good protection against insects.

Preset indian menu is available to make the task of cooking easier. The preset menu is set with preset time to make things easier. The warranty for the product is for a duration of 1 year. Temperature and timer control is present to adjust them.


  • 1900-watt induction cooktop
  • Preset Indian menus
  • 1 year product warranty


  • Anti magnetic wall
  • 3 hour timer
  • Digital display
  • Top quality product
  • Automatic voltage regulator is present


  • Medium cost
  • Higher power consumption

Conclusion: Prestige PIC 15+ 1900-watt induction cooktop is quite popular among customers. Most of the prestige cooktops are bought in large numbers. This product is priced perfectly for the features . Check Price on Amazon

10. Bajaj majesty ICX 7 1900-watt induction cooktop

The Bajaj majesty ICX 7 is a 1900-watt induction cooktop, this is one of the top rated best induction cooktop in India. The budget for this induction cooktop is little higher than other devices in this range. But the features offered are more in this induction cooktop for the price. The design and build look very impressive with sturdy support.

It has 8 preset menus to help you quickly assign the daily cooking tasks without having to worry about setting temperature and timer everytime. Keep warm is present to keep food warm for longer period. Auto-shutoff feature is available and auto vessel detection with shut off is also present to detect vessel. It immediately shut down if no vessel is detected.

Delay start is present to delay the induction cooktop start. The warranty for the product is for a duration of 1 year.


  • 1900-watt power supply
  • 8 preset menu
  • Timer
  • Auto shut off timer
  • Keep warm mode


  • Delay start
  • Timer for 3 hours
  • Detection of vessel is automatic
  • Power switch


  • High cost
  • Higher power consumption

Conclusion: Bajaj majesty iso ne of the highest rated induction cooktops by customers. It offers wonderful features, for the price. Check Price on Amazon

11. Billion fullglass 2200 watt induction cooktop (XC 125)

If you are looking for the best induction cooktop made of ceramic glass material then billion fullglass 2200 watt induction cooktop is the one for you. This looks amazing in design when compared to other cooktops. It also has better performance when compared to other induction cooktops. Small utensils can be easily supported on this cooktop. Touch panel lets you select a wide range of options and functions.

It has preset cooking menus for different food items, totalling about 6. Digital timer lets you select the time required for cooking and can be set for 3 hrs at a time. Full glass XC125 helps in faster heating than other cooktops. Automatic cutoff feature is also embedded in this induction cooktop this providing you with additional safety. A warranty of 2 years is provided for this product.


  • 2200-watt power consumption
  • Faster heating
  • Ceramic glass
  • 2 year warranty


  • Good quality
  • Low cost
  • Better warranty than other cooktops
  • Good display


  • High cost
  • High power consumption

Conclusion: Billion fullglass is 2200 watt induction cooktop which you offers one of the longest warranty of service among the induction cooktops. This is definitely a good choice.

How does an induction cooktop work?

The working of the induction cooktop is totally scientific, a typical induction cooktop consists of a base where a ceramic plate is encloses an electro magnetic coil under it. When the device is turned on an electric current is passed through the coil an electro magnetic flux is generated but no heat is generated. The heat is generated as soon as the pan is placed on the surface of plate. Heat is generated due to the small magnetic flux that is sent into the pan, the pan being poor conductor of electricity will generate heat due to the resistance it offers. Hence this results in heat that will be generated in just half the time when compared to traditional gas stoves.

This is just a basic illustration of the induction cooking technology. There are other factors that the modern cooktops utilize like change in heating materials which make them even better. Hence by understanding the working alone you can decide on which is the best induction cooktop and increase your knowledge on their working.

How to choose the best induction cooktop

We have listed some of the factors that are to be looked into before buying the best induction cooktop.

1. Check Power Consumption: Power consumption can be a major factor to be considered before you decide on the best induction cooktop. If the power consumption is low, then everything is cool because it will consume lesser power and that means low cost electric bills. But if the power consumption is high then heating will be faster but electric bill will be higher. Hence to choose an induction cooktop based on how much power you need.

2. Timer: Induction cooktops must have a timer, so that it will be easier to set the required time and will make you free so that you can carry on your other tasks. Majority of the modern induction cooktops will have timers on them. The timers will have cooking time of about 3 hours.

3. Preset Menus: Having preset menus will be of great help while you cook everyday. this is one of the major aspects that needs to be considered while buying induction cooktops. If you do not have the required preset menus then the task of cooking regularly will be much more difficult. Preset menus will help you do anything with just a push of the button. The preset menus can be multipurpose and can be used for variety of items. the timers are already set for the preset menus so that you don’t need to worry about cooking time or supervising.

4. Portability: Induction cooktops need to be portable because they need to be always ready to be carried anywhere. good induction cooktop must have a long card preferably meter long so that you can be connected easily while you travel. The weight must be significantly lower so that you can be effortlessly carried with minimum stress.

5. Digital display: Digital display can be advantageous be used it will help indicate different features of the inductikn cooktop. Without digital display the induction cooktop will look dull. The display can show you various functions being performed like timer, preset menus and temperature which can be crucial while you cook accurately.

Benefits of induction cooktop

There are a handful of benefits that you can obtain when you have an induction cooktop

1. Speed

The one amazing thing about induction cooktop is the speed at which the pan or pot heats. When compared to gas stoves which rely on flame to propagate to the bottom of the surface to be heated. The induction cooktop will directly heat the surface without the help of flame. Thus giving you the tremendous advantage of faster heating when compared conventional gas stoves. This will make sure that you will get the full benefit of speed if you have to cook something in a hurry.

2. Better efficiency than gas

Induction cooktops will provide you with much better efficiency than gas stoves. In the gas stoves the heat form the flame will spread to the surroundings. This results in wastage of energy or heat thus reducing the efficiency. About 40 percent of the heat will be lost to different areas. However in induction cooktops this problem is avoided due because the heat is directly generated inside the pan. A best induction cooktop will have better efficiency than gas.

3. Safety

Safety is the main concern when you employ gas stoves. It is one major causes of domestic accidents, because flames or fire is dangerous and more prone to accidents when gas is used. The accidents can occur in different ways when you are using gas stoves like if you forget to turn it off. Thus induction cooktops will be helpful in reducing domestic accidents if you implement them. They also have child lock safety to prevent children from accessing it.

4. No hassles of procuring gas

The procurement of gas or LPG is challenge these days because of government regulations. The scarcity of LPG is also significant, the cylinders are very heavy and tiring to move about. They can also cause fire accidents if not handled properly. The problem of paying lpg bills will also be curtailed. Hence induction cooktops can be beneficial in helping save time and money required to buy LPG.

5. Easy to clean

LPG gas stoves are difficult to clean because of the mess created due to splashing of oil and other food items. The problem occurs when these food items go into the corners of the gas stove, thus making it very difficult to clean. The stains in gas stove can be very sticky if they are not cleaned regularly. Whereas the induction cooktops are very easy to clean compared to gas stoves because induction cooktops are flat in design and can be brushed or wiped clean very easily.

Common questions asked about induction cooktops

These are some of the various questions asked about induction cooktops. We have used our expertise and answered in brief: 1.How many types of utensils and pans can be used in induction cooktops?   2.Should the vessel be flat?   3. Push buttons or touch buttons?   4. How much time does it take to heat?  

Final word

After reading the article you must have come to conclusion on the best induction cooktop. Individuals looking to purchase induction cooktops can look up to this detailed guide. The induction cooktops listed offer countless features having kept the cost reasonably minimum.

Induction cooktops are only a alternative to gas stoves. But your cooking skills will determine how good you put these devices to use. Also buying good Induction cooktop depends solely on your budget. Drop a comment below to also any questions.

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